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The Fourth Judicial Circuit Court of Illinois Programs and Services

The Supreme Court of Illinois has provided some approved standard forms and instructions for Pro Se Litigants to use. 

Illinois Legal Aid

SIU Law Forms

Guardianship Report and Account Forms
Current Account Disabled Adult     Current Account Disabled Adult Order
Current Report Disabled Adult        Current Report Disabled Adult Order
Current Account Minor                    Current Account Minor Order
Current Report Minor                      Current Report Minor Order

Small Estate Affidavit
Small Estate Affidavit




Illinois Court Help Social Media Post 2

Glossary of Legal Terms

Answers for Civil Appeals
ILFLA Civil Appeals Website
ILFLA Civil Appeals Document
ILFLA Civil Appeals Postcard

Expungement Program
PO Box 5240

Springfield, IL 62705
Phone: 1-866-787-1776

Illinois Armed Forces Legal Aid Network

Illinois Covid H.E.L.P (Housing and Economic Loss Prevention)
Illinois Covid H.E.L.P. Link
Illinois Covid H.E.L.P. Information Document

Benny the Illinois Unemployment Benefits Virtual Assistant
Benny the Illinois Unemployment Benefits Virtual Assistant

Please contact a lawyer to answer legal questions. Illinois Lawyer Finder.